Urge Gov. Newsom to support the Schools and Communities First Initiative!

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February 28, 2019

Schools and Communities First initiative qualified for the November 2020 ballot: making it the first commercial property tax reform initiative to qualify for the ballot since the passage of Prop 13 in 1978. But your action is needed now in our efforts to pass this historic milestone. Sign the petition to call on Governor Newsom to support the historic Schools and Communities First 2020 initiative which would bring $11 billion to our schools and local communities.  Here’s the thing: Teachers and students need your voice right now! Last month, LA educators took to the streets by the thousands to fight for the future of education in their communities. Today, courageous Oakland teachers are striking for living wages and quality public schools. Los Angeles and Oakland teachers are not alone. Teachers across California and the country are standing up for the quality education our kids deserve. For 40 years, California schools and communities have gone without the funding they need all the while corporations and ultra-millionaires reap billions in tax giveaways. It’s time for that to change.  Our moment is now. Help the League of Women Voters and many across the state make history and reclaim over $11 billion for schools and local communities. Sign the petition and Learn more about LWVC efforts and partnerships and getting involved in the campaign at https://lwvc.org/our-work/issues/government/schools-and-communities-first.

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