Get Involved! LWVO Needs Help!

Rosie the Riveter We Can Do It!

LWVO is looking for members with some time and ability to help out. Among other things, we need Co-Chairs for three important committees. You can assist the League while you learn more about it by helping to direct or assist these valuable League services. 

LWVO is looking for members to fill crucial roles in our organization! Read on!

Leadership Candidates Needed Now for Positions:


  • Co-Chair Membership Committee

Work with experienced committee members to welcome new League members and be a League presence at Oakland events.


  • Nominating committee Chair
    In 2019, work with a committee to contact potential new Board Members for our League. 

    Assistance needed:


  • Program Committee
    Help contact potential speakers who are recommended by the League Board. Welcome community leaders when they come to speak.


  • Nominating committee member
    Staring in 2019, join with others to contact potential new Board Members for our League (We need 2 committee members.)


  • Scheduling assistant for Pro and Con talks for the fall elections.
    Someone is needed to verify and schedule speakers for these community talks. Other volunteers train speakers and identify venues for talks.


  • Speakers for Pro and Con propositions talks in the fall. 
    Observe now to prepare for leadership in 2019.


  • Shadow Candidate Forum lead.
    Louise Anderson will step back from her lead position after the fall 2018 election. Ideally we should identify someone to shadow her this year to take over the job for 2020 elections. Ideally one person would take on overall accountability, but be supported by 2-3 others as there are various ways of dividing up what Louise has been doing on her own.


  • Shadow the current Voter Services Vice President in anticipation of eventually taking on all or some Voter Services coordination, support and reporting responsibilities.
    It is highly desirable that whoever assumes the Vice President position understands and appreciates the scope of the responsibilities so that on-the-job learning of essentials is minimized.

    To learn more about any of the above, contact Helen Neville of the Nominating Committee. helennev [at]

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