Get Ready for Election 2020!

Get Ready for Election 2020!

Get Ready to Vote in Election 2020

Get a head start and organize for the November 3 Election!

Let LWVO help you:

Ballot Information 

Voter Registration Training

League members can provide virtual training on how to register to vote. Members of your organization who attend this training will learn how to register voters and/or train others in the organization how to do it.

Contact:  Peggy Graybill: graybip [at] or Carmen Murray: carmengm [at]

Candidate Forums 

The LWVO will hold virtual Candidate Forums in Sept.-Oct. to give candidates a chance to present their views.  The League is a non-partisan organization and does not endorse or oppose candidates. Contact: Pat Raburn at patraburn [at] or 510-967-5977 in September to find out where to see the virtual forums.

Ballot Measure Pros and Cons Presentations

The League offers virtual training on how to present the Pros and Cons of ballot measures. Members of your organization are welcome to attend the training sessions, held in September, and then present the pros and cons of the ballot measures to others in your organization.  Alternatively, your organization can request a League member to present the pros and cons to your staff and clients. 

Contact:  Helen Neville at lwvvoterservice [at] or 510-655-2796 to join a training session.  Allene Warren at lwvvoterservice [at] to request a League presentation. 

Voter Education and Training Resources

  • If you are reentering the community from incarceration, please see our Reentry Flier.
  • Your Vote Matters flier – Colorful cartoon flier explains why voting is important.
  • Tip Sheets:  Tips for voting by mail and Tips for making sure your vote will count– League-developed tips for voting by mail and for marking the ballot correctly. 
  • For more resources, look here!

Check out more Voter & Election Resources here!


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