President's Message: Gratitude to Our Volunteers

President's Message: Gratitude to Our Volunteers

LWVO President Deborah Shefler

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to serve as president of the Oakland League for the last year. I am excited about our plans for the future. I am inspired and awed by the talent, fellowship and dedication of our members, who put in countless hours on committee work, analysis of measures and proposed legislation, all manner of drafting, advocacy, community outreach, relationship building, communications, voter education, fund development, recruitment, program sponsorship - all to carry forward our strategic mission and Make Democracy Work. You will see that we have had another productive and innovative year, building on our past accomplishments.  Click Here to read about our accomplishments and the outstanding individuals making it happen.

Please also take a look at the listing of almost 100 members who have generously volunteered with LWVO over the past year. We are grateful to you all.

Deborah Shefler, President, LWV Oakland

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