Development Committee

Development Committee

The Development Committee's purpose is to raise funds to help LWVO fund its major election projects:  

  • Oakland Easy Voter Guides in multiple languages
  • Pros and Cons Videos explaining Oakland and Alameda County measures on the local ballot.  

The primary fundraiser is the Annual All-City Luncheon, held each spring, requiring months of advance planning and promotion and featuring a high-profile speaker. Additionally, the Committee executes the annual year-end appeal to members as well as specific targeted fundraisers.

This committee meets the first Monday of each month from 6pm - 8pm. Contact us at for info!

Lori Lieneke, Chair
Kathryn Moir, Co-Chair
Bonnie Hamlin
Louise Rothman-Riemer
Mary MacDonald
Rosalee Schubert
Amy Lyons
Carolyn De Vol
Sue Veit
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2019 luncheon invite

Our 28th Annual All-City Luncheon was held April 11th at the Oakland City Center Marriott Hotel!