Voter Service Committee

Voter Service Committee

Voter Service coordinates voter education and registration for the league, and is especially active during election season. 

CANDIDATE FORUMS - LWVO does not endorse or oppose candidates. But it does sponsor candidate forums, moderated public events where candidates for office come to explain their positions on important issues and respond to questions from the audience. It’s a great opportunity to learn about the people who want to represent you. In 2018 we held 16 forums, covering offices from Mayor to City Council to Auditor to Peralta Trustee.

PRO/CON PRESENTATIONS - Our ballots are packed with a variety of initiatives and other measures. In the 2018 general election there were 11 State propositions, 6 local measures, and 3 regional measures covering a wide range of topics. Almost all are complex and contentious. Many organizations - civic, religious, senior living, educational, etc. - invite  LWVO to make neutral presentations on some or all of these measures. In 2018 we made over 70 such presentations around the city, and trained volunteer speakers so that they could help voters feel more informed and confident in their choices.

VOTER REGISTRATION - LWVO registers and pre-registers (for 16-17 year olds) high school students, and tables at civic gatherings such as street fairs, marches, church and civic events. In 2018 we registered about 400 voters. Voter registration is one of our most popular volunteer opportunities.

STATE AND LOCAL EASY VOTER GUIDES - Each election LWVO distributes these popular and invaluable guides full of information about how to vote, statements by candidates, and plain spoken descriptions of ballot measures and the arguments favoring and opposing them. The Oakland EVG, covering races and measures in Oakland, is available in English, Spanish and Chinese.  The State League offers a similar publication covering state races and propositions, available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean. In addition, the State League publishes a more in depth discussion of state propositions called Pros and Cons.

VIDEOS ON LOCAL BALLOT MEASURES - In 2018 we produced high quality short videos explaining the six local ballot measures. They covered cannabis taxation, funding educational programs for children, terms and conditions of employment for hotel workers, expanded residential eviction controls, changes to the real estate transfer tax, and a vacant property tax.

VOTER’S EDGE WEBSITE - Find in-depth information about what’s on your particular ballot, check your registration status, register on line, get up to date data on candidates, measures, and who supports or opposes them, make and save your selections, all at, the State League’s easy to use, all purpose voter assistance and education site.  Information is available in English and Spanish.

This committee meets as needed.

Deborah Shefler VP
Stephen Shefler Coordinator
Judy Merrill VP Emeritus
Louise Anderson Candidate Forums, EVG Distribution
Mary Weinstein Candidate Forums (onsite coordinator)
Joey Hansell Candidate Forums (forum assistants)
Allene Warren Speakers Bureau (Contacts)
Helen Neville Speakers Bureau (Training and Assignments)
Kathleen Cha Pro-Con Videos
Bonnie Hamlin Voter's Edge
Sandy Venning Voter Registration
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