Voter Service Committee

Voter Service coordinates voter education and registration for the league, and is especially active during election season. Activities include:  

  • Planning, executing, and recording Candidate Forums
  • Tabling at Oakland events, schools, and housing complexes to encourage individuals to register to vote
  • Producing and distributing the Easy Voter Guides in multiple languages
  • Pro/Con Speakers Bureau regarding ballot measures
  • Pro-Con Video Production and distribution on YouTube
  • Assist in maintaining new Voter's Edge website
  • Capacity building grant application, Alameda County Probation Department, enhancing LWVO's ability to provide community services.

This committee meets as needed.

Deborah Shefler VP
Stephen Shefler Coordinator
Judy Merrill VP Emeritus
Louise Anderson Candidate Forums, EVG Distribution
Mary Weinstein Candidate Forums (onsite coordinator)
Joey Hansell Candidate Forums (forum assistants)
Allene Warren Speakers Bureau (Contacts)
Helen Neville Speakers Bureau (Training and Assignments)
Kathleen Cha Pro-Con Videos
Bonnie Hamlin Voter's Edge
Sandy Venning Voter Registration
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