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The Action Committee is where our League decides how to take "action" to make democracy work best in Oakland. We follow important civic issues and entities in Oakland, such as the new Police Commission. When appropriate, we speak out, addressing the 

Read the latest on the Census and recommendations given COVID-19.

This will be the first time that the Census will be conducted digitally. The Federal Government Department in charge of the Census is underfunded and so it will be critical that counties make sure everyone in their jurisdiction is counted.  Please see the additional information provided for the Census Project.

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The Development Committee's purpose is to raise funds to help LWVO fund its major election projects:  Oakland Easy Voter Guides in English, Spanish, and Chinese and Pros and Cons Videos explaining Oakland and Alameda County measures on the local ballot.  thermometer

The Education Committee supports measures providing a system of quality education that is adequately financed and is responsive to the needs of all the children of Oakland.  The Committee meets monthly on every 3rd Tuesday of the month from 1-3pm at Co-chair, Rebecca Haskell’s residence in Oakland.  Check out our Calendar for details.  Contact us at

Celebrating 100 Years of the League of Women Voters

Beginning in September we will begin posting articles and other forms of information about Women’s Suffrage and the League’s role in making our country more democratic and inclusive because women won the right to vote. We will look at the history of the League and what was done to secure the vote. We will also reflect the fact that the League first secured the right to vote for white women and that it wasn’t until the mid 1960’s that all non white women were given the vote.

Capacity-Building Grant - Alameda County Probation Department

Summer 2019 Update

Membership Committee Goals:  2019-2020

As a Primary or General Election approaches, your neighbors will want to find out more about the ballot measures and the League’s positions on them.  You can provide a valuable service to your neighbors by hosting a gathering of your friends and neighbors to discuss the issues on the ballot.

The League of Women Voters of Oakland started the Reentry Task Force, whose mission is to create opportunities for formerly-

We actively lift up the work of Oakland organizations, often bringing panels together for discussion on different issues affecting the city of Oakland. Speaker Series events are followed up with Hot Topics discussion event for members and the public.   Contact us at for info!

Speaker Series Events:  2018-2019

Voter Service Goals:  2019-2020