Education Committee

Education Committee

The Education Committee supports measures providing a system of quality education that is adequately financed and is responsive to the needs of all the children of Oakland.  The Committee meets monthly on every 3rd Tuesday of the month from 1-3pm at Co-chair, Rebecca Haskell’s residence in Oakland.  Check out our Calendar for details.  Contact us at

Education Committee Goals:  2019-2020


  1. Prepare for the 2020 Oakland & Alameda County School Board Elections 

  • This is a historic year where there will be 4 Oakland School Board seats open, with no known incumbents currently planning to run (D1, D3, D5, D7)

  • Alameda County Wards 2 & 3, which include parts of Oakland, both have their incumbents running: Amber Childress and Ken Berrick.

  • Decide how to engage with CA’s education ballot measure to improve Proposition 13

  • OUSD

    1. Monitor OUSD’s budget and school closures

    2. Monitor OUSD’s Citywide Plan

    • The plan includes 5 areas: Facilities, Enrollment, Charter Authorization, Shared Best Practices, and School Autonomies.

    Local & Statewide

    1. Track changes in charter law and other charter issues locally and statewide (AB 1505)

    2. Monitor CA’s education legislation, and budget and how it affects Oakland students

  • Find effective ways to inform the community about these topics

  • Read more about the Education Committee!  Check out our Manual for our Purpose and how we operate, our most recent Ed Comm Report from August 2019, and our Position.

    Education Committee Accomplishments:  2018-2019

    • In alignment with the 2017 LWVO submitted Briefing on the Needs of Latino Students: The Challenge: Equal Opportunity of Education for Latino Students--Gaps and Weaknesses OUSD Needs to Address, we submitted a letter fully supporting OUSD’sresolution declaring September 15 through October 15th as the Annual Latino Heritage month in Oakland Unified School District.
    • We are monitoring OUSD’s financial challenges closely. This fall, the passage of AB1840 was a focus of discussion in Oakland. The bill “proposed by the state’s Department of Finance (is) to help the two districts that are paying back state loans. To get the funds, the Oakland and Inglewood districts will be required to prepare detailed short-term and long-term financial plans and increase their budget reserves. They may also look at options such as selling surplus property to help pay off state loans and consolidating schools to cut costs.” EdSource We hosted a panel with Alameda County Superintendent, Karen Monroe; Oakland Unified School District- OUSD HS Principal, Carmelita Reyes; Shanthi Gonzales, OUSD School Board Member, Nima Tahai, Director of Educator Leadership, GO Public Schools Advocates Oakland, and other district budget/community experts and board members. The panelists responded to questions addressing the benchmarks and the requirements of the recently signed state bill AB 1840, which will be providing financial relief for the OUSD.