Neighbor to Neighbor Program

black and white image of two people talkingElection Day will soon be here, so to ensure Oakland votes and votes informed the LWVO is launching a new Neighbor-to-Neighbor campaign.  We invite you to Vote with The League and ask your neighbors in to talk about the ballot and have a personal plan to vote.

To participate in our Neighbor to Neighbor campaign we have prepared this online "kit" of materials:

  • Let us know you're participating by emailing to neighbor2neighbor [at]  Here's aPDF iconplan to get started!

  • Pick a date and send this PDF iconsample invitation to your neighbors.

  • We suggest you discuss ballot measures using the League's local, regional and state recommendations on ballot measures. We never support or oppose candidates or parties, but we do have positions on many of the state and local measures.  Here's a PDF icondiscussion guide to help you!

  • Let us know how it went! Send an email to neighbor2neighbor [at]