LWVO Plans for Growth and Outreach: Grant and Strategic Plan

LWVO Plans for Growth and Outreach: Grant and Strategic Plan

Capacity-Building Grant - Alameda County Probation Department

Summer 2019 Update

LWVO's Capacity Building Grant activities were in full gear this past year.  It's not a stretch to say that nearly every part of LWVO has been engaged in some level of grant-related activities. Our capacity to fulfill our mission and to be in better position to engage civically the re-entry population (people who were formerly incarcerated) has definitely been strengthened. While it was a new and demanding experience for our organization, League members stepped up to the challenge and devoted an extraordinary amount of time and brainpower along the way, and that was the key to our success. This 2-year grant from the Alameda County Probation Department has helped LWVO increase its capacity to better serve the Oakland community.  Because of awesome teamwork we have: 

  • a Strategic Plan to guide us toward greater relevance and effectiveness
  • a Development Plan to help assure our continued financial stability
  • leadership training in how to increase donations
  • a Technology Plan to increase our service delivery efficiency
  • funding to support more robust software and needed hardware purchases
  • operational manuals for all our portfolio committees to facilitate information transfer
  • a Reentry task force that will engage consequentially with this community on an ongoing basis
  • a Networking Manual to help structure our relationships with other Community Based Organizations
  • new marketing and branding materials
  • governance enhancements that will make us stronger and better organized, 
  • Membership and Volunteer Plans to improve the volunteer experience and member retention. 

What is the grant?

The Alameda County Probation Department has awarded the League of Women Voters of Oakland a two-year capacity building grant for approximately $68,000. LWVO is using this money to enhance its ability to encourage informed and active participation in government.

Due to criminal justice reforms over the past few years, the responsibilities and resources of the Department have expanded. The Department is addressing its increased workload in part by awarding approximately $20 million in grants to community-based organizations like LWVO to help them enhance their capacity to improve outcomes for citizens reentering the community after serving time in prison. LWVO is investing its grant money in our organization so that we can sustainably and effectively encourage the entire community, including the reentry population, to become more civically engaged.

Please refer to Alameda County Probation Department and Alameda County Health Care Services Agency for further information on the origin and funding of this program. Refer to documents below for more information about the grant. 

Strategic Plan Stewardship Group Appointed

Graphic of Strategic PlanAt the June 2018 Annual meeting, the board discussed the recently approved LWVO Strategic Plan and implementation strategies for goals set forth in the grant. Board members broke into small groups to identify specific tasks and suggestions of action for each goal.
To continue this work, the Grant Guidance Committee has appointed a Stewardship Group whose job will be to shepherd the League’s Strategic Plan through its implementation.  It will make sure that the plan is on track and report at the monthly meetings of the Board.

Members of the Stewardship Group are: Elaine Ginnold, Chair, Louise Rothman Reimer, Treva Reed, Amy Lyons and  Mary BerganJen Cardenas will be the resource person along with Theresa Nelson and Mony Bauer as back up.  Photo of Trisha Gorman at Annual meeting

Photo of Dawna Williams presenting on the Grant

Board Member Dawna Williams presents to Annual Meeting on LWVO's Strategic Plan and Capacity-Building Grant






See LWVO's Grant Application and Policy Guidelines.