Membership Committee

Membership Committee

Membership Committee Goals:  2019-2020

Routine activities of committee include managing the membership database, assisting in the membership renewal process, conducting outreach activities to promote engagement and staffing the membership table at both League-sponsored and non-League sponsored events. Specific procedures for these activities are in the Appendices A-H of the Membership Procedure Manual.  Also, check out our Member Handbook!

1. Diversify the LWVO membership so that it becomes more reflective of the City of Oakland.  Using Julie Lo’s research reported in Towards Broader, Stronger, Community Bonds June 2019 | Research Committee Demographic Data Report.

for planning to identify gaps in our membership and develop a strategy to address the gaps.  

2. Improve membership recruitment and outreach materials:  currently reviewing a new membership brochure

3. Improve on and expand our current activities to welcome, orient, mentor and retain new members with the goal of increasing the number of members who actively participate in the organization and may be willing to take on leadership roles

4. Continue outreach:

  • Partner with Voter Services, Action committee and Communications
  • Socials to draw in possible new members
  • League logo apparel/bags

5. New Member welcoming and retention

  • welcome gatherings: January and July
  • Call members after events (using attendance roster) to do informal phone survey: what they liked, how involved do they want to be
  • Consider offering a new member orientation once or twice a year

6. Streamlining Administration of Committee:

  • Explore less complicated renewal process