Student & Teacher Resources

Student & Teacher Resources

Welcome to the Student Outreach Guide!

LWVO members believe deeply in the power of the youth vote and The Guide is a compilation of Voter Registration/Education/Get Out the Vote resources. The full Guide has been made available in Shared Google Docs, with separate folders for "About the Guide," "Student Outreach Topic Areas," and the "Teacher Toolkit" below. The full document is also available for download HERE.

Check back regularly for new information as the committee adds content to The Guide.

About the Guide

Through the Guide, The League of Women Voters Oakland Student Outreach Committee (LWVO SOC) provides information and resources gathered from many years of collaborative work with Oakland high schools and more recently, local community colleges to create a culture of voting among the students.

Student Outreach Topic Areas

Guide readers will find repetition of concepts across the primary topic areas. This is intentional and reflects the inter-relatedness of the topics as a way to easily find important information. Teachers and LWVO members are invited to download and customize the presentations to inform and encourage student participation in dynamic and creative ways.

Teacher Toolkit

The Teacher Toolkit is designed for Teachers, LWVO Members and Youth to support learning opportunities for high school and community college students as they begin a lifelong practice of voting and participation in civic engagement activities in their communities.

The Toolkit contains resources on:

    • Voter Registration
    • Voter Education (Includes Learning Modules)
    • Get Out The Vote
    • Sample Presentations/Slides for Virtual and In-class Sessions
    • What Can LWVO Offer Community Colleges?
    • Resources:  Websites+/Videos/Apps/Print Media
    • Data Collection Tools