The Board of Directors of the League of Women Voters Orange Coast

The Board of Directors of the League of Women Voters Orange Coast

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Meet our 2019-20 Board

These individuals spend countless hours in service to the League. We are so grateful for their efforts.

Name Position & Email  Photo

Rebecca Newman

president [at] (President)

advocacy [at] (Advocacy Director)

Photo of President Newman

Patty Santry

vp [at] (Vice President)

communications [at] (Communications Director)

Photo of Vice President Santry

Beth McConaughy

secretary [at] (Secretary)

Photo of Secretary McConaughy

Judy Standerford

treasurer [at] (Treasurer)


Kathleen Montgomery

international.relations [at] (International Relations Director)

Director Kathleen Montgomery

Chris Collins

social.policy [at] (Social Policy Director)

ilo.rep [at] (ILO Representative)

Photo of Director Collins

Gail Benda

educatioin [at] (Education Director)

Education Chair Benda

Anne Stone

membership [at] (Membership Director)


Wendy Ralph

membership [at] (Membership Director)

 Wendy Ralph, Membership Co-Director

Diane Nied

basic.needs [at] (Basic Human Needs Director)

budget [at] (Budget Director)

Budget Chair Nied

Michele Musacchio

voter.service [at] (Voter Service Director)

Voter Service Chair Musacchio

Charlotte Pirch

editor [at] (Newsletter Director)


Jan Dye

webmaster [at] (Website Director)

Webmanager Dye

Petti Van Rekom

voters.edge [at] (Voter's Edge Director)

civil.discourse [at] (Civil Discourse)

Photo of Director Van Rekom

Marilyn O'Brien

at.large [at] (Director at Large)

Photo of Director O'Brien


Off-Board Leaders
June Maguire contact [at] (League Phones) June Maguire, League Phones


speakersbureau [at] (Speaker's Bureau)

Stephanie Campbell  Photo of Steph Campbell
Nathan Gold webmaster1 [at] (Web Manager)