Family Separation at the Border

Family Separation at the Border

Families Belong Together
Time Range For Action Alert: 
June 20, 2018 to July 22, 2018

Immigrant Family Separation

Every day we hear more heartbreaking stories about the separation of families arriving at our border seeking sanctuary from desperate situations in their home countries and greater opportunities for their children.
The League of Women Voters of the United States has joined a large coalition of organizations in the 
Value our Families Campaign, opposing separation of families at the border and a variety of other immigration enforcement efforts which are tearing apart families and communities here and at the border. 

We hope you will write to your Member of Congress opposing family separation at the border.

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Message from Chris Carson, LWVUS President


As the family separation crisis on our boarder continues, this week LWVUS sent a letter to lawmakers on Capitol Hill urging them to vote NO on two pieces of very partisan legislation that do not address the tragic situation or reunite families. We coordinated an Action Alert and press release with the same message. Today, the House failed to pass one of the bad bills and pulled the other for consideration. Thank you to our Lobby Corps for pressuring lawmakers to vote NO and for all of our online engagers who took action. This issue is far from resolved, but these bills are bad immigration policy and do not reunite families.

Yesterday President Trump signed an Executive Order to end family separation, however the order falls short on details and will not resolve the crisis.

There will be Families Belong Together marches Saturday June 30 in Washington, DC and around the country. We encourage Leagues to participate in these demonstrations and remind you of our marching criteria. For Convention attendees in Chicago, there may be an option for us to march if time allows. Staff will provide signs onsite. Please pack appropriate footwear if you are interested in this demonstration.   

As a reminder, most of our national staff will be out of the office next week through the holiday to support Convention. Thank you for understanding we may be delayed in our responses.  

And on another immigration related issue - Protect the Dreamers

Recently, Coast received an action alert from the League of Women Voters of the United States. 

Issues referenced by this action alert: 
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