LWVC Victory Gardens

LWVC Victory Gardens

Hands holding tomato harvest

Cabin Fever?  Plant a Climate Victory Garden

Article by: Mary O'Kicki for the LWVC Climate Change Task Force

With the first of May just a few days away, the LWVC Food, Soil and Agriculture Committee would like to remind everyone that NOW is the perfect time to get those tomatoes in the ground! Indeed, NOW is the perfect time to start a Climate Victory Garden. Healthy soils sequester carbon; they literally hold carbon taken from the air via a plant and store it in the ground. The LWVC supports  California's Healthy Soils Program whose goal is to aid farmers in implementing practices to improve soil healthy, sequester carbon and reduce GHG. 
Planting a garden and creating healthy soils in one's own yard is one way to combat Climate Change and one that everyone can do. In 1944, wartime victory gardens produced an estimated 8 million tons of food, or about 40% of the fresh fruits and vegetables consumed in the US. (reference). Together, we all can make a difference. 
And, gardening in one's own yard is an allowed activity during the Shelter-in-Place Orders that continue throughout the state. And, it's a great way to reduce stress at this very stressful time. Join the movement, plant a Climate Victory Garden today. I'm planting my tomatoes today - more vegetables to come. 


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