Membership News - October 2020

Membership News - October 2020

Photo of old fashioned membership roll book

Welcome, New Members 

Membership is pleased to welcome the following new members to our League during the months of August and September:

  • Patricia Bartell,
  • Danielle Guthrie,
  • Natalie Moser,
  • Sheri Morgan,
  • Geoffry White,
  • Christine Schechter,
  • Jan Helmuth,
  • Enid Hayflick,
  • Aileen Manley,
  • Margaret Iverson,
  • Julia Burnside and
  • Patricia Barreto.
Now, let's roll up our sleeves and get to work!  We have an important election in November where our sole purpose is educating voters and encouraging them to vote!
Wendy  Ralph & Anne Stone, Membership Co Chairmen

Wendy Ralph, Membership Co-Director    Anne Stone, Membership Co-director

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