New LWV of Orange Coast Observer Corp

New LWV of Orange Coast Observer Corp

Director Stephanie Oddo

New LWV of Orange Coast Observer Corps

by Stephanie Oddo

I’m dreaming today of a League in action at public meetings! We all are passionate about voting, voter’s rights and fair elections. Aren’t we also passionate about the laws that get passed and the legislative process that results in our laws? We write positions with great detail, yet what good are they if they sit on a shelf?

Enter our new Observer Corp! We need people who like to watch public meetings – oh, not you? What if you liked to watch a League advocate get up and speak out as a result of your work at a future meeting? That would feel pretty good, I would imagine! Not only that, did you know that if you are simply at a public meeting observing, democracy is executed better? Just being there! Being an educated League means that other people might start asking our observers what happens at the public meetings. We are League of Women Voters and we love to educate our voters. The benefits are endless and the potential to improve our local democracies is incalculable.

We are targeting the following public meetings:

  1. Orange County Board of Supervisors (2 times a month)
  2. Orange County Board of Education (monthly, varies)
  3. Irvine City Council (2 times a month)
  4. Your City Council (2 times a month)
  5. Orange County Commission on Ethics (4 times a year)

How it works:

Observers attend meetings and submit a report. All observers will be trained at an upcoming training event, to be announced soon.

Join Observer Corp:

Join us and contact me with questions: Let’s get to work!

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