New Supporter Levels Help Other Members

New Supporter Levels Help Other Members

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New Membership Options

By:  Anne Stone

The League of Women Voters Orange Coast is very aware that some of our members may be struggling more than usual with finding the funds for renewing their membership, or for new members to join the League.  If you are one of those members, or know someone who is, have them contact membership [at]

At the same time, we are aware that some of our members would like to contribute more than the renewal amount to assist the League.  We have added additional non-tax deductible levels of support to the Sustainer Level.

Sustainer                                $150

Suffragist                                $200

Household Suffragist              $250

Advocate                                $300

Everyone who contributes at any of these four levels will have their contribution acknowledged on the Members Only section of the web page unless they wish to remain anonymous.  We want to thank them and recognize the importance of their contribution.


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