OC Complete Census, July 2020

OC Complete Census, July 2020

Three Ways to Complete the Census

Now More Than Ever, the Orange County Complete Count Census Committee Needs League Volunteers!

The County of Orange is looking for volunteers to help raise awareness of the importance of the 2020 Census.

Our community needs to be adequately resourced and represented – so everyone must be counted.
While Orange County is doing a bit better than the rest of the nation, many Orange County households have not responded to the 2020 Census.

Time is running out – the Census now ends on September 30th!

According to Saul Viramontes, a Special Projects Manager for the County of Orange's Office of Government and Community Relations,

Census response rates start to plateau as we get farther away from Census Day (April 1st). Our community needs more trusted messengers, such as the League of Women Voters, to help educate our neighbors, friends, and families.

League members with smart phones and unlimited minutes are invited to help!

  • You WILL be using Census PDI, a free app provided by the Census Bureau, to call folks living in areas of the OC with low response to the Census.
  • You WILL be providing information for how folks who did not receive Census materials can get the information they need to participate in the Census by phone, online or on paper.
  • You WILL NOT be helping folks fill out the Census forms or collecting ANY information about their households.

JOIN THE TEAM! You will need to:

  • Get trained by one of our Coast trainers.
  • Be a member of the League – members of all Orange County Leagues are invited to participate.
  • Devote whatever time you have available – there is no "minimum time" you need to spend on this project.
  • Fill out a response form below.

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