Volunteers Needed for Voter's Edge!

Volunteers Needed for Voter's Edge!

A screenshot of the Voter's Edge California website's main page.

Voter’s Edge is our State League’s website for voters. For the 2018 election, over 2 million California voters used our site to get information on candidates and propositions. Volunteers contact ALL candidates running for office in California and encourage them to post their candidate information.

Here in Orange County we have over 300 candidates running for a variety of offices. Our Voter’s Edge team members email and/or call all Orange County candidates. It is satisfying to know you are helping candidates get the visibility needed; and, in addition, you are providing our local voters with a one-stop shop with information to help them make their voting decisions. This is especially helpful for lessor known campaigns such as water districts and judges.

The volunteers on this team only work a few weeks during an election year: January - March 2020 (primary and local elections) and September-November 2020 (national, state, and local elections). Some computer skills are needed as many of the tasks are done online; training and a user’s manual is provided.

If you’re interested, contact the Orange County Voters Edge Coordinator, Petti Van Rekom / voters.edge [at] lwvorangecoast.org

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