Linda Herman

Linda Herman

Former President and Active Member of the League

As a dedicated member of the League of Women Voters (LWV) since 1975, Linda Herman has served in a variety of LWV capacities and participated in LWV activities for social improvement.League Member Linda Herman

Linda joined the LWV in 1972 and from 1979-81 served as local League president. Based on her local leadership, she was asked to serve on the State Board for the League of Women Voters of California, an impressive offer considering there were many local League presidents from whom to choose. However, Linda demonstrated skills that set her apart. She mastered a deep comprehension of issues, creating trust amongst her peers for the reliability of her contributions. Most importantly, her leadership was characterized by modesty and unpretentiousness. At the State Board level she applied these traits to the positions of secretary, Management Training Vice President for Southern California and then State President. During her presidency, Linda was also invited to serve on the Judicial Council Committee which examined gender bias in the courts.

Shortly after serving with the State LWV, Linda re-entered the work force. St. Jude Children's Research Hospital was expanding its fund raising program to the west coast and she accepted the opportunity to join this expansion. In time, she was promoted to the position of Associate Director of Gift Planning. Linda firmly believes that her past League experience enabled her to achieve this position, which today, requires someone with a law degree!

Linda appreciates the benefits of LWV membership and anticipates that a new generation of League members is just on the horizon. She counts LWV benefits in the many friendships she has made, particularly in her association with LWV study groups which examine, for instance, issues of health, the environment and money in politics. Once the League establishes a position on these study topics, she is confident that the follow-up education and advocacy promoted by the LWV can positively make a difference in people's lives. She sees the future of the LWV linked to new generations who will promote change through their membership. She encourages the young and the newly retired to become involved with the LWV through its Face Book page, by attending meetings or by contributing their talents to the understanding of our "studies" on major issues of the day.

Linda is most proud of two LWV accomplishments. First, she recalls the LWV was strongly involved in the establishment of Rancho Palos Verdes. Members of the LWV and the coalition "Save Our Coastline" successfully lobbied the County to establish this city on the hill. The experience impressed Linda, then a new LWV member, in that she observed community joined in commitment, organization and preparation to argue effectively for their cause. The second LWV accomplishment with which she was deeply involved, was the passage and preservation of Proposition 11 (1998) which proposed redistricting be done by an impartial commission rather than by the California legislature. The LWV, in tandem with other organizations, pushed hard to get a redistricting measure on the ballot. They did and it passed! The California Citizens Redistricting Commission is now fully operational.

For 50 years, Linda Herman has dedicated her intelligent mind, good intentions and diligent disposition to the LWV. Her thirst for knowledge and her altruistic passion is an inspiration. Thank you, Linda, for all you have done for the League.