LWVP - Successful Event on California's "End of Life Option"

The Piedmont League of Women Voters held a successful event on November 11 in Piedmont.
Hospice Nurse and Clinical Coordinator Thalia DeWolfe gave an informative one hour talk about the 2016 California Law, "End of Life Option", which permits patients to direct their own deaths, under certain circumstances. She presented case histories, culled from over 100 patients who used her clinic "Bay Area End of Life Options." Each case history described a scenario which highlighted different choices and results, based on the individual's medical conditions and living situations. The points to remember are  that: 1) entering  hospice and  using the end of life option can be valid choices, in fact both can be used in conjunction. 2) In order to use the end of life option, the patient must be mentally competent to make the decision, 3) be at least 18 years old, and  4) be diagnosed with a terminal illness with a life expectancy of 6 months or less. 
The term "assisted suicide" is no longer in use, and is replaced by "medically assisted aid in dying". The death certificate does not state "suicide," but lists the patient's terminal illness instead.
An interested audience of 20 plus people followed up with questions, especially concerning patients who have dementia. Ms. DeWolfe and the clinic of Dr. Lonny Shavelson can be reached at https://bayareaendoflifeoptions.com
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