A Note from Our President

A Note from Our President

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From the very day I joined this group of hardworking League volunteers, I was surprised at their level of work and how this commitment to educate our community has assisted many people with understanding how to make a better government work for the people. I call this democracy in action. Our members worked to refine and strengthen our organization. They worked in tandem at League events, like a smooth machine not anticipated by the average viewer. We participated and presented to our Placer communities without skipping a beat. It was successful! We have concluded another successful election season and I look forward to the next year.

Joyce Beeman persisted in putting out information, updating League informational flyers, keeping the local media updated about League meetings and events. She also keeps me up to date on many League events, other organizations that coordinated with our League, such as AAUW, keeping steadfast deadlines and hosting numerous meetings at her house. We will be indebted to Joyce's service and her impact on the success of our organization.

Karen Enghusen kept track of our membership, follow-up lists, updating our website, helping in our Speaker's Series, and she created such a vibrant opportunity for the growth of our group, no wonder our membership increased over the year! Heartfelt thank you to Karen for her single power to improve our League's impact on the community. Lynn Synder also helped tremendously with our Pro/Con presentations, together with Karen, we started and finished with success!

As I review the year, I also send a grateful message to two long-standing Leaguers, Randi Swisley and Kathy Souza. If not for Randi, our League would not have taken center attention in the local newspapers. Randi not only follows League issues, but takes time and perfection to include her knowledge of local issues, and provides updated information on local initiatives impacting our communities. Randi, our past President is also such a great mentor to anyone wanting to organize and host a successful candidates forum. Randi continues to share her tools and mentor any members seeking a new chance at service. What a job!

Included in this message is our second member, Kathy Souza, an expert from the past to present bringing our League a central focus at many, many Pro/Con Presentations. Her style and form is done with such ease, no one would know the hard work she performs behind the curtain.

Many, many thanks to all members of our E-Board. Each one of you should be commended for your hard work at keeping our organization strong during a busy election season. Stepping up and completing tasks for our League is very appreciated. Looking forward to working with you on new ideas and plans for our League.

Our League held more than eighteen Pro/Con presentations and up to three candidate forums. It was exciting to watch our more experienced members help and our newest members, they did not skip a beat. Organizing, studying and presenting our Pro/Con presentations is not a task so simple. Without mention, our newest member, Barbara Smith for your work on our Voter's Edge. This improvement to engage our candidates in at the League's Voter Edge publication is very much appreciated. We can use your resourcefulness to grow our outreach!

Finally, many, many thanks to our newest members although based upon your new member in-dividual talents our Placer League is indebted to your continued assistance. Our Speaker's series and your comments and suggestions are most appreciated. I am hoping our League will enter the new year making the best of your talents and willingness to increase our presence in Placer County.

The Placer League of Women Voters, our State, and National Leagues work tirelessly to strengthen our mission in making democracy work. We thank you for partnering with us along this road. Let's continue to thrive and help educate our public. This is democracy in action!


Your President, Angela Torrens

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