2018 Annual Meeting Report


The League of Women Voters Sacramento County held the Annual on June 7, 2018.  The guest speaker was League of Women Voters of California Executive Director Melissa Breach.  Ms. Breach has over 15 years of service in nonprofit leadership with seven years with the League of Women Voters California. She explained that she has worked twenty years elevating women leadership, narrowing the pay gap and fighting misogyny.  She identifies herself as a feminist, an angry feminist.

Ms. Breach expressed concern about the young women and the social environment in which they live. While much is changing, there are still many challenges to equality. Ms. Breach noted that incrementally change has occurred.  Women are outpacing men in higher education although it does not necessarily equate to higher wages.  Twenty percent of congress members are women and twenty-three percent of state legislature members are women.  “Empirically things are better.”  The "Me Too” movement is the response to all the Huxtables and the Weinsteins. Silence no longer!

Ms. Breach referenced Amy Wambach’s Barnard’s graduation address as a call to all women.  Ms. Wambach likened women to Red Riding Hood with head down, caped and docile.  Ms. Wambach then talked about the wolf. She told the story of the reintroduction of wolves into Yosemite.  There was fear that wolves would be destructive, but instead they became the salvation for the eco-system by reducing the deer population which caused the vegetation to regenerate as did the animal population.  Ms. Wambach called on the women in her audience to be wolves not Red Riding Hoods.  Ms. Breach said the same to our enthusiastic audience.


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