Climate Change

Climate Change


League supports/opposes Environmental legislation

California legislation is on hold but maybe you are interested in League legislative efforts?

AB 1567 (Aguiar-Curry and Mathis) SUPPORT "Organic Waste: Scoping Plan" requires an integrated scoping plan for reducing emissions associated with forestry, agriculture and urban organic waste, providing better coordination across all sectors. Letter of Support 

AB 1941 (Gallagher) OPPOSE "California Renewables Portfolio Standard: hydroelectric and nuclear generation and suspension" would temporarily pause the state’s renewable power mandates to provide funds to harden the grid. Although hardening the grid to reduce the risk and impacts of wildfires is imperative, loosening standards to mitigate climate change would slow our progress toward zero carbon. Letter Opposing
SB 1052 (Hertzberg) SUPPORT "Water quality: municipal wastewater agencies" would authorize municipal wastewater agencies to enter into voluntary agreements to improve stormwater management and to treat stormwater as a local water resource. Letter of Support
SB 1323 (Skinner), SUPPORT "Carbon sequestration: state goals: natural and working lands: registry of projects" creates CO2 removal targets for natural and working lands as a step towards identifying the scope and scale of work needed to reach carbon neutrality. Letter of Support
For a complete list of climate-related bills go to LWVC Climate Change Legislation

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SUPPORT:  An Emergency Climate Change Declaration was passed by the City Council and a Declaration is being considered by the County Board of Supervisors.       **LWVSC (May 13, 2020) Board approved  to support City and County Declarations

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