Criminal Justice Observation, Education and Advocacy

Criminal Justice Observation, Education and Advocacy

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 Sacramento County names new OPSA Director

Sacramento City Council approved the hiring of Dr. LaTesha Watson as the new director of the Office of Public Safety and Accountability.  See the Sacramento League work on Criminal Justice.

Sacramento League Priority

The League of Women Voters of Sacramento County (LWVSC) approved a Criminal Justice Reform program based on the consensus position of the State League (June 2019).

In August 2019, the LWVSC formed a Criminal Justice Reform Committee which is focusing on the following areas: 

    1. Supporting Criminal Justice Legislation endorsed by the LWVC and recommending support on key legislation of local interest;
    2. Establishing Observer Corps for:
    • Sacramento County Board of Supervisor (Sherriff Accountability)
    • City of Sacramento Police Review Commission
    • City of Sacramento City Council Meetings (Police Accountability)
    • District Attorney, Grand Jury

3.  Community Collaboration, education and advocacy.

New members are welcome to assist us in developing and meeting our action plans. 

Please contact the Norma Nelson, Committee Chair, (916) 447-8683,


Sacramento League Observer Corps Reports

County of Sacramento

Sacramento League Education


League of Women Voters of California Position

  • a criminal justice system that is just, effective, equitable, transparent, and that fosters public trust at all stages, including policing practices, pre-trial procedures, sentencing, incarceration, and re-entry;
  • the elimination of systemic bias, including the disproportionate policing and incarceration of marginalized communities;
  • policing practices that promote safety for both law enforcement officers and the communities they serve;
  • collaboration between government and community throughout every stage of the criminal justice system;
  • a focus on humane treatment and rehabilitation with the goal of promoting the successful re-entry into communities of those who have been incarcerated; and
  • reliance on evidence-based research in decision-making about law-enforcement programs and policies (including scheduled, periodic audits of program and policy effectiveness).
    (2019 League of Women Voters of California Convention)