Observer Corps: Sacramento Transportation Authority 6/11/20

Observer Corps: Sacramento Transportation Authority 6/11/20

Agency: Sacramento Transportation Authority    
Date &Time: June 11, 2020; 1:30 pm
Observer’s Name:  Leslie A. Watts


Did meeting start on time? Yes

Were all members present? No          One director absent. Chairman on dais.

Were members attentive? Yes  Conference call meeting.

Were members well prepared? Yes

Were members courteous to each other and the public?  Yes (No public attendance due to Covid-19.)

Was agenda sent/posted 72 hrs before?   Yes

Did agenda items clearly describe what was to be discussed?  Yes

Was there adequate input for public input?  Yes -  Request for comments; one read aloud.

Was there any appearance that some agenda items were discussed in closed rather than open session? No

Was background information made available to the public? Yes

Were facilities accessible and adequate? Yes - Webcast; scheduled television replay.

Were any issues on the agenda relevant to any LWV state or local positions or programs?

    • Measure A (Ordinance No. STA 20-002) has been sent to the Board of Supervisors with request to be placed on November ballot. The Board is scheduled to take this up at regular meeting July 28, 2020.

Do you recommend local League action on any of these issues?  Yes     No - X   

 Other comments or concerns: none