Our Activities

Our Activities

Various LWVSC committee and civic engagement activities are listed below. Not all of the activities/events listed are League-sponsored. For League-sponsored activities, click "Calendar of Events."

Ethics and Transparency in Sacramento City Government

The Advocacy Committee of the LWVSC has joined forces with Common Cause to promote ethics and transparency in Sacramento City Government. This is in line with various State and National positions of the League which support a citizen's right to know, open and ethical government, and impartial redistricting of voting districts.

The group presently is exploring and gathering information in these areas: transparency, ethics, commission/ethics code, and future redistricting of city council districts.

Go to Calendar of Events for forum dates and locations.

The LWVSC'S Committee on Homelessness (ComHom)

ComHom members are:
  • Barbara Hopkins
  • Liliana Martinez
  • Bill Lee
  • Elaine Lee
  • Suzi Bakker
  • Alice Ginosar (chair)

ComHom meets with leaders of community groups providing services to and advocating in support of the homeless community, including Sacramento Housing Alliance, Homeless Advocacy, Sacramento Regional Coalition to End Homelessness, Loaves & Fishes, Sacramento Area Congregations Together and others.

For more information on LWVSC's Committee on Homelessness (ComHom), please contact Alice Ginosar at communications@lwvsacramento.org.