Watch Pro/Con Forums for the November ballot propositions


League of Women Voters Sacramento County
Paula Lee (moderator) and Pat Pavone (timer)


League of Women Voters Ventura County Presents

Honorable Melinda Johnson (presenter) and David Maron(moderator)

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Propositions 14, 16 & 24 - 14 (stem cell), 16 (diversity in hiring), 24 (amend privacy laws) 

Propositions 22, 23 & 25 - 22 (treat app-based workers as contractors), 23 (kidney dialysis), 25 (money bail system)

Propositions 17, 18 & 20 - 17 (restore right to vote for parolees), 18 (allow 17-year-olds to vote), 20 (changes in parole and sentencing)

Propositions 15, 19 & 21 - 15 (alter commercial property taxes), 19 (property tax rules when selling residence), 21 (expand option for rent control)


League of Women Voters Diablo Valley and St. Mary's College

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Pro/Con Forums

    • Land Park Community Assoication, Paula Lee,
    • Folsom Democrats, Roseanne Chamberlain, 9/30/20 
    • Sacramento Junior League, Trisha Urhammer, October 2020
    •  AAUW in Yuba City,  Claudia Bonsignore, October 2020
    • Carlton Senior Living,  Wendy Weinland, October 2020
    • American River Democrats, October 2020
    • O Logos Alive Church in Sacramento, October 2020

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Candidate Forums

    • Candidate Forum for District 6 City Council Candidates (Eric Frame, Eric Guerra, Waverly Hamilton III, Kevin Rooney), Elmhurst Neighborhood Association at the Masonic Hall 4647 U Street, 2/10/20.
    • Candidates Forum, Congressional District 7 (Jeff Burdick, Jon Ivy, Buzz Paterson, Chris Richardson), Rio Americano Performing Arts Center
    • CalPERS:  Hosting the CalPERS candidate forum 9/20/19

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Educational Forums

    • Public Policy and Politics Forum, UC Davis, 2/20/2020
    • United States of Women ranked choice voting 10/16/19
    • Ranked Choice Voting training for League of Women Voters 9/24/19

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