Program Planning for 2018

Program Planning for 2018


Point Loma Library
3701 Voltaire St
San Diego California 92107
California US
Saturday, January 27, 2018 - 1:00pm to 3:00pm

 The Program Planning meeting is one of the most im-portant meetings of the League year. It is the time when we prioritize our issues for the next year. This year we will do : 

Program planning using our National (LWVUS) positions and local positions. 

Approve the position arrived from the Ambulance Study and changes in our Social Policy positions. 

The proposed focus for National is to continue the “Campaign for Mak-ing Democracy Work”. This incor-porates working on voting rights, improving elections, campaign fi-nance/money in politics and redis-tricting. We got a taste for that in November when we had the meet-ing that helped acquaint us with the election reforms such as proportion-al representation, ranked-choice voting (sometimes called instant runoff voting) and the National Pop-ular Vote Compact. We in California often think we don’t need to focus on these problems, since we have an independent commission that does our state and Congressional redistricting and there is little, if any, voter suppression. 

However we do have a serious problem with voter participation, registration and turnout. Why? That’s what we need to figure out and then do something about it. At the Program Planning meeting, we will be planning an all-out assault on voter apathy. A non-presidential year is the perfect time to do this because people are less engaged than during the Presidential races. We will share data from 2016 elections, along with having information on the Voters Choice Act and other pieces of legislation that are relevant and then plan goals for 2018 - 2020. What we hope to achieve is: 

1. Set goals for voter registration by using ROV data. 

2. Set goals for voter participation by using Voters’ Edge data. 

3. Set goals for voter turnout by using ROV data. 

4. Approve an issue for em-phasis that other local Leagues are suggesting on the Electoral College. 

At our tables we will come up with ideas that will help us aimed at increasing our voter registration, participation and turnout. We will then develop a timeline and game plan for the year to achieve these goals. 

Join us at Program Planning on Saturday, January 27th at 1:00pm at the Point Loma Library. It will be fun and exciting to have a voice on “Making Democ-racy Work!” There is no need to register. 

Remember: ”Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their government." 

Thomas Jefferson 

Jeanne Brown  

Program Director