The Public has a Voice ~ Let Them Be Heard Regarding the Future of the Stadium Site!

The Public has a Voice ~ Let Them Be Heard Regarding the Future of the Stadium Site!


Balboa Park ~ The Ball Room in the House of Hospitality ~ East end of the courtyard at the Prado Restaurant
Thursday, December 13, 2018 - 7:00am to 9:00am

Voters approved Measure G, directing the City of San Diego to sell the Mission Valley stadium site to San Diego State University. SDSU offered a conceptual vision of development for the site including redevelopment of the river park, but Measure G proponents have promised that the public would be involved in site planning and environmental review. 

How will SDSU and its consultants deliver on that promise? Just as important is what the City of San Diego pursues and ultimately achieves for our citizens in the negotiated sales agreement.  

The stadium site is the largest developable public property in the city, and the public has waited for the River Park for a very long time. The process to collect public input on development of the site is just as important as the end result. How can we effect the process so that the City, SDSU, and the Trustees engage the public? 

*The issues raised in this program were discussed in recent op-ed columns in the San Diego Union Tribune and Voice of San Diego. 

Please access the columns at: San Diego Union Tribune and Voice of San Diego


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Business and Financial Affairs, SDSU 

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