San Diego County Government - Local

San Diego County Government - Local

Citizen Participation in County Government and San Diego Regional Agencies (1978) Support of informed and active participation of citizens in San Diego County government and regional agencies requiring:
Position In Brief: 

Citizen Participation in County Government and San Diego Regional Agencies (1978) 

Support of informed and active participation of citizens in San Diego County government and regional agencies requiring: 

1. adequate notice and information about proposed actions, using various avenues of 


2. provision for public access to meetings, agendas, reports, records and persons making decisions; 

3. emphasis on citizen participation at early stages of the decision-making process; 

LWVSD Positions 2017 8 

4. well-defined channels for citizen input and review; 

5. broad-based citizen participation that reflects all aspects of the community -- geographical, economic and social; 

6. consideration of the effect of times and locations of meetings, agenda item placement, transportation and other costs to citizen participants; 

7. adequate funding, staffing and training to achieve effective citizen participation. 

 Structure of Government in San Diego County and Region (1986, 2001, 2002) 

Note: For the purpose of these League positions on issues, San Diego County and San Diego “region” are geographically the same. San Diego County is the arm of state government services for the whole area, including all the incorporated cities, and is the provider of local governmental services for the unincorporated areas that are not provided by special districts. The League of Women Voters of San Diego County takes responsibility for monitoring governmental issues of the County of San Diego and those regional issues that are addressed by governments and agencies within the San Diego region. 

I. For the County of San Diego we support: 

1. a Board of Supervisors of more than five members; 

2. supervisor districts drawn to maintain the integrity of communities; 

3. the election of the District Attorney and the Sheriff; 

4. the appointment of all other department heads. 

II. In the field of regional government we support: 

1. State action to expand the responsibilities and authority of existing, consolidated or future regional decision-making body/bodies to: 


a. Prepare, implement and maintain a comprehensive regional plan and infrastructure capital improvement program. 

b. Administer the plan, the project review, and enforcement process to ensure local compliance with the comprehensive regional plan, including: 

  • review of the components of local general plans that have regional implications 
  • review of major development projects having regional impact, including environmental analysis, for consistency with the comprehensive and regional infrastructural plans 
  • review of any plan for siting a new airport or expanding Lindbergh Field by the Regional Airport Authority for consistency with the region’s comprehensive plan; a public vote should occur if a new airport site is proposed 
  • review of local housing elements for compliance with state housing element law, which includes addressing regional share goals. 

 c. Allocate to or withhold federal and state funds from a local jurisdiction for infrastructure, affordable housing projects, and for the protection of natural resources, open space and agricultural lands in accordance with compact growth principles. The use of eminent domain for regionally significant projects should be utilized only as a last resort. LWVSD Positions 2017 9 

2. Region-wide governmental bodies that reflect the population distribution and the environmental, social and economic diversity of the county. We support a directly elected body from newly established districts (of no more than 350,000 population) with fixed, staggered terms. The Policy Advisory Committee should consist of elected office holders appointed from the County’s incorporated cities and the county. 

3. Regional over local jurisdiction when efficiency in the delivery of services can be clearly measured and could be improved by increasing the scale of operations; 

4. A regional governing agency as the coordinator of intergovernmental policies and selected services within the region (the services to be coordinated include those administered by agencies established by the Legislature, such as transit, water supply, and port/tidelands activities); 

5. A regional governing agency as the advocate and representative of the San Diego region’s collective general purpose governments at the state and federal level; and proportional financial support of the local council of governments by its members. 

III. For all governmental agencies we support: 

1. measures which assure the accessibility, visibility, and accountability of public officials; 

 2. measures which recognize community character and values; and efforts to reduce and consolidate the number of special districts where feasible. 

Regional Planning (1970) 

  • Support for flexible countywide planning, with broad outlines that provide guidelines and leave the details and implementation at the local support level. 
  • Continuation and strengthening of the San Diego Association of Governments or other councils of government. 
  • Support for an emphasis on conserving the physical resources of San Diego County, while providing people-oriented services. 

Financing County Government (1992) 

The League of Women Voters of San Diego County supports County governmental services and programs designed to meet the unique needs of the San Diego region, organized for public accessibility. The financial adequacy, efficiency, and cost effectiveness of these services and programs should be closely monitored by elected officials and by the public. Competent staffs who are fairly compensated should carry out implementation. 

Programs should be evaluated and prioritized for best use of available funds; long-term costs of short-term economies should be considered. Preventive measures should have high priority. 

Funding for maintenance should be included in the planning of capital projects and in future annual budgets. 

The League of Women Voters of San Diego County also supports substantial funding by the state and federal governments of the programs they mandate, with periodic review of LWVSD Positions 2017 10 


state-mandated but locally administered programs to adjust funding formulas to reflect changed circumstances. 

Proposals for reform of the state and local governmental financial structure should be developed by a statewide commission composed of members experienced in the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government, as well as citizens knowledgeable about the electorate and the economy of California, and including a representative from the League of Women Voters. 

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