Request Voter Services

Request Voter Services

LWVSD is proud to serve our community and work with community organizations to better educate voters. These services are provided by our Voter Empowerment Committee upon request. We ask that organizations benefitting from these voter services make a contribution to the League to help us continue to serve the community.

Speakers Bureau

LWVSD is proud to share our well-researched positions and election information with our community. If you would like to have a trained League speaker present at an upcoming event, please complete this request form and our Speakers Bureau Chair will contact you to discuss your request. This includes requests for LWVSD to address your group regarding Pros and Cons on the ballot initiatives during the election season.

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Candidate Forums

LWVSD carries on the long-standing League tradition of being a go-to resource for moderating and facilitating  fair, non-partisan candidate debates and forums. If your organization has scheduled such an event for a local election or race and would like the LWVSD to facilitate, please complete this form. We are now offering virtual candidate forums utilizing Zoom Webinar, which can accommodate up to 500 viewers. We do not provide marketing, but will post the event on our calendar and on social media. Our primary focus is ensuring the event is run in a way that is fair to all candidates and provides a chance for voters to get to know the candidates or issue at hand.

If you would like to request our sevices for a Candidate Forum, please provide us with some information by completing this form and our Chair of Candidate Forums will contact you to further discuss your request.

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Voter Registration Drives 

Do you have an event coming up serving a portion of our community that is underrepresented at the polls? LWVSD wants to help you register those voters and share with them some tips about the voting process. If you are interested in partnering with LWVSD on a voter registration drive, please complete this form and our Chair of Voter Registration will reach out to you to get more information about your event or organization.

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