Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

LWVSD is dedicated to improving voter turnout and voter education. Our Voter Empowerment Commitee has many volunteer roles to fill. Join us in a making a difference for voters in San Diego!  For general inquiries to Voter Empowerment contact Fran and Jane at voter.empowerment [at] lwvsandiego.org 

Volunteer Opportunities for General Elections 2020 - August Presentation


Be a part of any of these great Voter Empowerment services:

  • Voter Registration and Get Out the Vote - volunteer to staff an event where you help voters register or re-register to be eligible to vote in the upcoming election. Volunteers also needed to help with getting voter information to increase voter turnout. Contact Voter Empowerment directly if intersted. 
  • Candidate Forums - These events require more advanced roles such as moderator and question screeners, but also need pages (collecting questions from the audience) or timekeepers. Contact Vicki at vice_president [at] lwvsandiego.org  
  • Speakers' Bureau - During election season our speakers present non-partisan informative talks on state and local ballot propositions. If you're new to Speakers' Bureau we'll pair you up with a veteran Speaker to teach you the ropes. Speakers will train in advance to research the ballot measures. Year-round the Speakers' Bureau also presents other informative talks to community groups. Contact Jeanne at jeanneweidner [at] gmail.com 
  • Voters Edge - The site http://votersedge.org/ca provides free ballot information, including candidate statements and non-partisan information about ballot initiatives. Voters Edge volunteers work with candidates to get their information uploaded and add non-partisan information about local measures. Volunteers need to help contact candidates and collect data. Contact Julie Ann (San Diego LWV) at ca-sd [at] votersedge.org or Suzanne (North County San Diego LWV) at ca-sd1 [at] votersedge.org to volunteer. 
  • Sips & Civility - This is a year-round event series aimed at younger and less-engaged voters. Events feature a speaker and discussion hour. Volunteers could be manning our check-in table or moderating our discussion tables. Looking for an Event Organizer, who can help coordinate events at restuarants and bars. Due to COVID, this is temporary on pause. However, we hope to find a volunteer coordinator now. Please contact Kim at Programs [at] lwvsandiego.org
  • Legislative Interviews - Legislative interviews are a powerful tool, increasing League visibility and raising awareness among California’s state representatives of our interest in policies they are considering.We use the interview to become better acquainted with our legislators. It’s an opportunity to emphasize that while the League never supports or opposes candidates or parties, we are a political organization, and after thorough study and consensus we take positions on issues.
  • Observers - The League relies on members to monitor major local governmental organizations such as the City Council, Board of Supervisors and San Diego Unified School District. An observer can watch or listen remotely on TV or other device and with up a report regarding major decisions and tenor of the discussion. Currently, observers are needed for the City Council’s Land Use and Housing Committee and Environmental Committee, the Port District and the Coastal Commission.  If interested, please contact Myles Pomeroy, Chair of the Public Policy Committee at pomeroymyles [at] gmail.com

For more League Volunteer opportunities check out our COMMITTEES page in the menu!