San Luis Obispo County

San Luis Obispo County

League of Women Voters SLOCO Lunch with The League Series

The election episodes of Lunch with the League have concluded with the final installment on November 9th.

New episodes will begin in 2021. We will be using the same livestream format on Zoom and Facebook to present speakers on topics important to San Luis Obispo County. Watch for announcements!

Though you cannot register right now for Lunch with The League, future episodes will be held via Zoom webinar and will also be livestreamed over Facebook Live.  We will make a registration link available.

Lunch with the League will return in 2021.

 You can still watch the LWTL election episodes on our website or Facebook page.


If you miss a webinar, don't worry. Watch the replays at the bottom of this page.


A Homelessness Report for San Luis Obispo County 2019
Event Date: 
Dec 2 2020 - 5:30pm
Event location: 

via Zoom at


Membership Renewal
Blog Post

Happy New Year! Yes, it’s a new year for LWV, which has a fiscal year that began on July 1. This means it is time to renew your membership.