60 Ways To Get Involved

60 Ways To Get Involved

What can I do as a League member?

Because League is a grassroots organization, every member is encouraged to be active by attending general meetings to elect officers and directors and plan the program for the year, by volunteering to serve on a study or action committee, and by helping the League to make its voice heard. Member participation is the key to League success.

Learn how to get involved with the League by watching the video here.

Message from the Co-Presidents.

Attend all General Meetings and Special Events

  • The Opening Meeting in September
  • The Holiday Party in December
  • The Program Planning Meeting in January
  • The Annual Meeting in June
  • Attend smaller group meetings and member orientation events

League of Women Voters San Luis Obispo High School Voter Registration Forever Voters Movie Still

Support Voter Registration Events

  • Participate in a voter registration event at:
    • A high school
    • Cuesta College or CalPoly
    • A farmers' market
    • Marches and similar events
  • voterservice [at] lwvslo.org (Alert us) to possible voter registration opportunities all around the county
  • Compile a list of senior and assisted living facilities for voter registration outreach
  • Watch Forever Voters, a film about our high school registration program, and be inspired by the youth of our county
  • Help us reach out to and expand our voter registration at:
    • High schools in Atascadero, Shandon and Cambria
    • The Mid-State Fair
    • Festivals
  • Ask your place of worship to include voter registration information in the new member welcome packet
  • Welcome a new neighbor with a voter registration form and news about LWVSLO
  • Make sure our local real estate agents give their clients voter registration materials
  • Want to get involved with Voter Registration in any way? voterservice [at] lwvslo.org (Let us know.)

League of Women Voters San Luis Obispo High School Voter Registration - Forever Voters Movie Still

Support Voter Services

  • Volunteer to work at one of the League’s adopted polling places on Election Day
  • Join the team for the Candidate Forum taking place before every election
  • Help a neighbor get to the polls on election day
  • Encourage candidates for office to participate in Voter’s Edge
  • Put a notice about Voter’s Edge:
    • In your neighborhood list
    • On your workplace bulletin board
    • At your place of worship
    • In your child’s PTA bulletin
  • Want to get involved with Voter Services in any way? voterservice [at] lwvslo.org (Let us know.)  

Support our Members & Increase Engagement

  • Chair a monthly membership event
  • Design a campaign to grow our membership
  • Target areas where our membership is lower, like North County and North Coast
  • Start a student mini-unit of the League at a local university
  • Help facilitate a LWV-SLO after-school club at a local high school
  • Come to an event and bring a friend
  • Be a buddy for:
    • A new member
    • One of our senior members; help her attend an event

Promote Civility and Civil Discourse

  • Greet and orient the public on the protocol of attending, observing, and speaking at a City Council Meeting (held on the first and 3rd Tuesday of every month). There are two League volunteers at every meeting. You will be matched with a seasoned League member who is versed in the protocol.

Promote League Activities

  • Learn how to get involved with the Communications Committee by watching the short video here.

  • Write and/or edit weekly messages to our membership keeping them up to date
  • Maintain, update or write content for our website
  • news [at] lwvslo.org (Help edit or write an article for The Voter) (our quarterly newsletter)
  • Photograph LWV events
  • Use your design abilities to create and improve our materials (website, brochures, newsletter)
  • Help write and edit the new online edition of Know Your County, our League’s guide to citizenship and government in SLO
  • Be our Twitter, Instagram or Facebook guru
  • Be our Press Manager
  • Post a photo of yourself at a LWV-SLO event to social media: Facebook, Instagram
  • Tweet while you’re attending a LWV event
  • Help us get a PSA for Voter’s Edge in:
    • Neighborhood newspapers
    • Theatre programs
    • Relevant SLO magazines
  • Want to help with any of the above or have a great idea, communications [at] lwvslo.org (let us know.)

Support Outreach

  • Share this list with a friend and see if there’s something s/he is keen to do
  • Serve as a League liaison to allied groups, such as the NAACP, the Latino Outreach Council, the Women’s March, the Commission on the Status of Women, etc. 
  • Go to a SLO meeting (such as Chamber of Commerce meeting, realtor meeting, etc.) and let your neighborhood leaders know about the work of the LWV
  • If you work for a law firm, share the contact info for your community service leader
  • Host a luncheon party to tell your friends about the work of LWV-SLO

Give a Gift

Explore Issues

  • Follow and report on natural resource issues identified by the League
  • Be the designated point person for issues identified at Program Planning
  • Learn more about homelessness in SLO
  • Participate on the LWVC Climate Change Task Force, serving as a liaison to the local League


  • Tell us what issue you see in our city that you’re keen to learn more about
  • Research possible venues for small group events
  • Think of something to add to this list and communications [at] lwvslo.org (let us know)
  • sba [at] lwvslo.org (Serve on the Budget Committee)
  • Join the jlcarr [at] charter.net (Centennial Celebration Committee)
  • jlcarr [at] charter.net (Be on the Nominating Committee for next year’s Board)
  • Nominate yourself for the Board
  • Serve on the Observer Corps as a conscientious monitor of the meetings of various local and regional governmental bodies to listen, learn and report back to the Board on the proceedings