60 Ways To Get Involved

60 Ways To Get Involved

What can I do as a League member?

Because League is a grassroots organization, every member is encouraged to be active by attending general meetings to elect officers and directors and plan the program for the year, by volunteering to serve on a study or action committee, and by helping the League to make its voice heard. Member participation is the key to League success.

Attend all General Meetings and Special Events

  • The Opening Meeting in September
  • The Holiday Party in December
  • The Program Planning Meeting in January
  • The Annual Meeting in June
  • Attend smaller group meetings and member orientation events

League of Women Voters San Luis Obispo High School Voter Registration Forever Voters Movie Still

Support Voter Registration Events

  • Participate in a voter registration event at:
    • A high school
    • Cuesta College or CalPoly
    • A farmers' market
    • Marches and similar events
  • Alert us to possible voter registration opportunities all around the county
  • Compile a list of senior and assisted living facilities for voter registration outreach
  • Watch Forever Voters, a film about our high school registration program, and be inspired by the youth of our county
  • Help us reach out to and expand our voter registration at:
    • High schools in Atascadero, Shandon and Cambria
    • The Mid-State Fair
    • Festivals
  • Ask your place of worship to include voter registration information in the new member welcome packet
  • Welcome a new neighbor with a voter registration form and news about LWVSLO
  • Make sure our local real estate agents give their clients voter registration materials
  • Want to get involved with Voter Registration in any way? Let us know.

League of Women Voters San Luis Obispo High School Voter Registration - Forever Voters Movie Still

Support Voter Services

  • Volunteer to work at one of the League’s adopted polling places on Election Day
  • Join the team for the Candidate Forum taking place before every election
  • Help a neighbor get to the polls on election day
  • Encourage candidates for office to participate in Voter’s Edge
  • Put a notice about Voter’s Edge:
    • In your neighborhood list
    • On your workplace bulletin board
    • At your place of worship
    • In your child’s PTA bulletin
  • Want to get involved with Voter Services in any way? Let us know.

Support our Members & Increase Engagement

  • Chair a monthly membership event
  • Design a campaign to grow our membership
  • Target areas where our membership is lower, like North County and North Coast
  • Start a student mini-unit of the League at a local university
  • Help facilitate a LWV-SLO after-school club at a local high school
  • Come to an event and bring a friend
  • Be a buddy for:
    • A new member
    • One of our senior members; help her attend an event

Promote Civility and Civil Discourse

  • Greet and orient the public on the protocol of attending, observing, and speaking at a City Council Meeting (held on the first and 3rd Tuesday of every month). There are two League volunteers at every meeting. You will be matched with a seasoned League member who is versed in the protocol.

Promote League Activities

  • Write and/or edit weekly messages to our membership keeping them up to date
  • Maintain, update or write content for our website
  • Photograph LWV events
  • Use your design abilities to create and improve our materials (website, brochures, newsletter)
  • Help write and edit the new online edition of Know Your County, our League’s guide to citizenship and government in SLO
  • Be our Twitter, Instagram or Facebook guru
  • Be our Press Manager
  • Post a photo of yourself at a LWV-SLO event to social media: Facebook, Instagram
  • Tweet while you’re attending a LWV event
  • Help us get a PSA for Voter’s Edge in:
    • Neighborhood newspapers
    • Theatre programs
    • Relevant SLO magazines
  • Want to help with any of the above or have a great idea, let us know.

Support Outreach

  • Share this list with a friend and see if there’s something s/he is keen to do
  • Serve as a League liaison to allied groups, such as the NAACP, the Latino Outreach Council, the Women’s March, the Commission on the Status of Women, etc. 
  • Go to a SLO meeting (such as Chamber of Commerce meeting, realtor meeting, etc.) and let your neighborhood leaders know about the work of the LWV
  • If you work for a law firm, share the contact info for your community service leader
  • Host a luncheon party to tell your friends about the work of LWV-SLO

Give a Gift

Explore Issues

  • Follow and report on natural resource issues identified by the League
  • Be the designated point person for issues identified at Program Planning
  • Learn more about homelessness in SLO
  • Participate on the LWVC Climate Change Task Force, serving as a liaison to the local League


  • Tell us what issue you see in our city that you’re keen to learn more about
  • Research possible venues for small group events
  • Think of something to add to this list and let us know
  • Nominate yourself for the Board
  • Serve on the Observer Corps as a conscientious monitor of the meetings of various local and regional governmental bodies to listen, learn and report back to the Board on the proceedings