All Hands on Deck for Climate

All Hands on Deck for Climate


Diz Swift, LWVC Climate Change Program Director

Heat records are being broken, glaciers are melting, and the seas are rising. We have reached a point where no matter what we do, we cannot avoid a very different climate future. We must act now to prevent truly catastrophic consequences. But what can we do? The most powerful action is everyone’s knowledgeable vote.

Together, members of the League of Women Voters of California are educating and advocating in the fight against climate change – and influencing those votes. 

The LWVC Climate Change Task Force is a group of over 300 League members across California working on climate action. The Task Force has an ambitious agenda. It is now forming state-wide teams to tackle a number of topics related to climate change. As a member of the Task Force you can take climate action at the level that works for you. The Task Force steering team sends periodic notifications on climate change issues, events, and actions. It shares its work to make the whole much better than the parts. 

The Climate Change Task Force is part of LWVC’s long history of support for actions to fight climate change and to protect the public from preventable disasters. In June 2019, the LWVC unanimously resolved to declare a climate emergency: "We ... call upon the LWVC Board, Action Committee and local Leagues to advocate for ‘Climate Emergency Declarations’ and urgent relevant action by state, county, and local governments."
It's time for all hands on deck in this climate emergency and you can make a difference. Join the LWVC crew at whatever level works for you. Check us out online or email

About Diz Swift
Diz Swift will be the featured speaker at LWVSLO's Annual Meeting on June 20th and is the Climate Change Program Director for the League of Women Voters of California and the LWVC Area Director for Natural Resources. She holds a PhD in geology, worked in minerals and oil and gas, and for the past 15 years has studied climate change and advocated for action.  She lectures widely on climate science, action, policy and politics, including five years lecturing at the NYU Stern Business School.  She leads the steering team for the LWV-US efforts to get a price on carbon, including sponsoring and authoring the website.

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