Latest News and VOTER Quarterly Newsletter

Latest News and VOTER Quarterly Newsletter

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2019 Annual Meeting – Highlights

  • Fifty members and guests attended the Annual Meeting on June 8 in the Garden Room at the Madonna Inn.  Co-President Ann Havlik chaired the meeting.
  • Brunch was followed by a panel discussion – “Views of Women in Local Politics”.  Dawn Addis, Morro Bay City Council, Heather Moreno, Mayor of Atascadero, Caren Ray Russom, Mayor of Arroyo Grande, and Erica Stewart, San Luis Obispo City Council, answered questions asked by moderators Marilee Hyman and Chris Cobey.  The panelists were asked whether they think women bring unique characteristics to public office; whether a woman’s presence in an elected legislative body changes the body’s dynamics and public policy priorities; and what advice they would give to a woman considering a run for elective office.  They responded that women are often consensus builders and problem solvers.  They engage individuals in their communities, even seeing themselves sometimes as “mothering” a community, as Mayor Ray Russom put it.  Women often push harder on certain issues such as education, childcare and women’s health; they make a difference in strategic planning and budget priorities.  The panelists advised women looking to run for elected office to build their inner resources and remember who they are and why they’re running for office.  They’ll need a community of people who can support them when they are criticized and attacked, which they will be.  They should talk to women in office to learn the strengths women have and the obstacles they face in local politics.  Our panelists were articulate and passionate about public service.  Their sense of a responsibility to serve their communities shown through clearly in their answers.  It was an inspiring and educational discussion.  The audience responded with a standing ovation.
  • Nancy Welts and Julie Rodewald outlined the new structure for Voter Service.  There will be five subcommittees: – Candidate Forums, Pros & Cons, Voter’s Edge/Voter Information, Voter Registration, and Adopt-a-Poll, each with their own sub-committee chair.  Ms. Rodewald announced that the Sara Horne Award for Voter Service for 2019 is being awarded to Juliane McAdam for her work on candidate forums, voter registration, and the 2020 Celebrations Committee.  Ms. Welts announced a new award, the Strengthening Democracy Award for Lifetime Achievement.  Ms. Welts presented the award to Vera Wallen for her more than ten years of work with League Voter Service and the county election staff and her dedication to education, public libraries, and strengthening public participation in democracy and voting rights.
  • Janice Carr, Co-Chair of the 2020 Celebrations Committee outlined the significant dates and events planned for the 100th anniversaries of the founding of the League of Women Voters and ratification of the 19th Amendment.  The next event is a proclamation from State Senator Monning and Assemblyman Cunningham marking the 100th anniversary of California’s ratification of the 19th Amendment on November 1, 1919.  Central Coast Journal will publish an article on the anniversaries in its July issue.  Other organizations, including AAUW, NAACP, the Monday Club, and the Commission on the Status of Women, are working with us to make these anniversaries educational and memorable.
  • We passed a budget for 2019 – 2020, adopted a program focusing on training, communications, and outreach, and elected Officers and Directors for the coming year.  Mary Bianchi, Susan Devine, and Glenn Silloway are joining the Board for the first time.

Reminder- Renew your League Membership

  • The League’s fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30.  Please pay your dues for 2019 – 2020 by July 30, 2019.  Dues are $70 for an individual membership and $105 for a household membership.  You can send us a check at LWV SLOCO, P.O. Box 4210, San Luis Obispo, CA 93403 or you can pay online at www.lwvsloorg.  We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit so all dues and donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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