Lunch with the League

Lunch with the League

League of Women Voters SLOCO Lunch with The League Series

Election 2020

Each Monday through November 9th we will hold webinars on Election 2020 topics which will help voters understand the changes in the election process this year. We'll have different topics every week, timed to match what's going on in the election.

Voter Service Chair Julie Rodewald will host the series, and we will have other guests who are expert in the election process. Participate in Q&A to get your questions answered.

We want you to be ready to make your vote count!

Lunch with The League will be held via Zoom webinar and will also be livestreamed over Facebook Live.

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If you miss a webinar, don't worry. Watch the replays at the bottom of this page, or visit our YouTube channel to see them all.


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Next Lunch with the League below:

Sept 28

Vote-By-Mail--Its Easy and Safe

Ballots will be out within a week, and EVERYONE will get one. Learn everything you need to know to use a VBM ballot and track it!

Oct 5 Misinformation: Election Myths Busted Guest Clerk Recorder Tommy Gong will set the record straight on how ballots are received, counted and verified.
Oct 12 Your Vote is Your Voice--Register to Vote This is the last week for normal registration or pre-registration. Registration makes VBM effective.
Oct 19 I Missed Registration! Can I Still Vote? In a word, Yes. You can register provisionally and vote right up to election day.  Learn how.
Oct 26 Straight Talk: Will My Ballot Really Be Counted? Find out how vote-by-mail improves security; know where and how to vote either by mail or in person.
Nov 2 Finish the Fight Learn specifics about polling locations (PDF download), hours of operation, how to handle common problems, your voting rights.


November 9.  What Happens After Election Day?    

This will be special episode of Lunch with the League to address post-election issues, which could be significant in this election. Where do we stand in the count? What happens if it drags on and on? What is the role of current law?  How about the courts? 

The webinar will begin at the usual time, noon.

Find Prior Webinar Replays Below

Lunch with The League webinars began August 24. The video replays for these can be found below. These topics were featured:

  • Celebrate the Vote
    Commemorate the Centennial of the 19th Amendment and get a quick overview of Election 2020.

  • Elections Depend on You
    Learn how your vote makes a difference. Learn what a poll worker does. Become the expert on voting for your friends, and share.

  • Countdown to the Election
    Dates and deadlines for important electoral events over the 57 days left until November 3. Early voting starts in early October.

  • Be An Informed Voter
    Find out about the best online sources of information about candidates and ballot measures, like Voters Edge and the Secretary of State resources.

  • Can One Vote Really Make a Difference?
    Yes, it can. And it is very important that you--and everyone you know--understands this and turns out to vote.

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Replays of Prior Sessions

Celebrate the Vote (August 24, 2020)


Elections Depend on You (August 31, 2020)


Countdown to the Election (September 7, 2020)

Be an Informed Voter (September 14, 2020)


Can one vote make a difference 2020? (September 21, 2020)