Natural Resources: WATER

Natural Resources: WATER

Protect and efficiently manage water resources
Position In Brief: 

The League supports policies and actions which provide for protection and efficient management of water resources, with emphasis on conservation and high standards of environmental quality in all areas. The League supports consideration of a variety of water supply sources, including reclamation.

Position History: 

Adopted 1969; Updated 1975; Reviewed 1981, 1986; Updated 1996; Reviewed 2009.

  1. Develop efficient enforcement measures and implementation procedures to attain and maintain high water quality standards and preserve watersheds, groundwater storage, and recharge capacities through regional planning.
  2. Develop and manage resources in ways beneficial to the environment by:  Preserving streams, lakes, and river ecosystems; Prohibiting stream channeling;  Maintaining stringent control of adjacent land uses;  Enforcing anti-pollution laws.

  3. Encourage the implementation of a countywide master water plan, with periodic review and update. The plan should include:  A drought contingency program, including the impact of climate change;  Monitoring of groundwater usage, recharge, and water quality.

  4. Support implementation of a countywide waste water treatment plan that:  Ensures effluent of a quality that allows for safe reuse and/or recycling;  Ensures safe, appropriate use or disposal of sludge that prevents pathogens and heavy metals from entering human and animal food chains.
  5. Protect estuaries, marshlands, and other transitional zones from pollution and degradation by: Prohibiting extensive breakwaters; Supporting laws controlling vessel pollution and other offshore pollution; Supporting county plan for use in the event of an oil pollution emergency in offshore waters; Opposing ocean disposal of waste; Managing surface run-off.

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