Planning and Land Use in the County and Cities of San Luis Obispo

Planning and Land Use in the County and Cities of San Luis Obispo

Provide for orderly and sustainable growth and development
Position In Brief: 

The League supports policies and actions which provide for orderly and sustainable growth and development; protect the land resources and environmental and aesthetic qualities of our county and cities; ensure public access to the decision-making process; and encourage cooperation and effective coordination among all entities involved in planning and land use policy and implementation.


Position History: 

Adopted 1967; Reviewed 1976, 1987;

Updated 2002, 2015.

  1. Pursue planning and land use policies and actions in keeping with long-range General Plans which provide for orderly land use and which respect environmental and aesthetic considerations.
  2. Effectively enforce measures and procedures designed to attain General Plan goals. Encourage regional planning in support of General Plan goals.
  3. Enforce zoning laws that support the goals of the General Plans. Undertake zoning changes only after thorough study and evaluation of environmental impacts, the availability of resources, the cost of services involved, and the effect on the region as a whole. Publicize proposed zoning changes, invite public comment, and conduct hearings in a public forum.
  4. Preserve scenic and open space and protect the natural, rural character of San Luis Obispo County and cities through outright acquisition, easements, and similar measures. Preserve existing natural features, including, but not limited to, streams, hills, trees, and scenic vistas. Pursue policies and actions that further the goals of the Agricultural and Conservation and Open Space Elements to conserve agricultural lands, protect open space, and prevent urban sprawl.
  5. Consider environmental impacts, pressure on local resources, and the availability and cost of services when making decisions on development projects.
  6. Support land use planning and development that builds equitable, livable communities, with housing, employment, schools, and services in close proximity and accessible to all residents. Plan land use that fosters reduced travel time for commuters, less traffic congestion, and reduced air pollution.
  7. Maintain high standards of aesthetics and environmental quality in commercial, residential, and industrial development.
  8. Adhere to the goals of the General Plan when using public funds to promote development, tourism and other activities in the county and cities of San Luis Obispo.
  9. Maintain the shoreline in its natural state, with public access assured. Preserve and protect the undeveloped shoreline, including estuaries, marshland, and other transition zones, from pollution and degradation. Adhere to Local Coastal Plans that support these goals.
  10. Adhere to procedures for the selection of planning commissioners which establish clear criteria for selection, advertise vacancies in an adequate and timely manner, and screen applicants to select those best qualified. Ensure that planning commission meetings are well publicized and open to the public.
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