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July News Briefs

League Supports Regional “Civility Initiative”

  League Co-Presidents Cindy Marie Absey and Ann Havlik congratulated our local officials as follows: “Bravo!  Kudos to the mayors and city councils of the seven cities and the Board of Supervisors of San Luis Obispo County for adopting unanimously the Regional Code of Civility.  For five years the League of Women Voters of San Luis Obispo County has promoted the cause of civil discourse at public meetings and in political debate.  Without civility we are unable to talk to each other, to hear each other, or to reason together.  Without civility consensus and compromise are nearly impossible.  Without civility problems are left unsolved, citizens become alienated, and our democracy suffers.  And while we enthusiastically commend our elected officials for the stand they have taken, we also encourage all candidates for public office to follow their lead and sign on to the Regional Code of Civility.  By doing so they can help to ensure that this fall’s election campaigns focus on issues and policies, not personalities, and offer constructive solutions rather than hyperbole and invective.  The Code of Civility has been adopted.  Now comes the hard part – sticking with it.  We urge everyone in, or aspiring to, public office to keep a copy of the Regional Code of Civility handy and refer to it often.  Post it at public meetings so those who attend will know what their local leaders have committed to do and hold them to it.  We will all benefit from increased civility in our public spaces.”


Resolution on Electoral College Adopted at LWVUS National Convention

Delegates to the National Convention in Chicago, focusing on the theme “Creating a More Perfect Democracy”, adopted the resolution on abolition of the Electoral College presented by the Illinois League and amended by our own Eric Greening.  The resolution reads in part: Whereas: The LWVUS reminds us that our adopted national position on the Selection of the President calls for uniform national voting qualifications and procedures at all necessary levels to achieve a consistent nationwide electoral policy and infrastructure and that the abolition of the Electoral College is essential to achieve this standard without delay.  Therefore, May It Be Resolved That: The 2018 Convention of the League of Women Voters of the United States urgently reaffirms its long-held position that the Electoral College should be abolished.


Help Wanted!  Please help our League with ongoing needs:  

New League Members Need Mentors

Things are going well in the membership department!  We continue to attract high quality, industrious new members who are eager to pitch in and work for the League.  Sometimes they need a little direction and support from an experienced League member.  We’ve initiated a Mentor Program to help guide our many “newbies” into active participation.  We now have ten new members who need mentors.  Can you help?  Mentoring can entail as little as a phone call or two to inquire about their needs and remind them of upcoming events.  Face to face coffee dates or breakfast meetings are optional.  This is a short term (one year) obligation with no strings attached.  Please contact Patti Dale for more information.

Civil Discourse SLO Concierge Service Needs Your Help

League volunteers promote civil participation in public discourse while assisting members of the public who want to make public comments at SLO City Council meetings two Tuesdays a month.  Meetings start at 6:00 pm and meals are catered by various local restaurants.  Help is needed in June, July and August.  If you can be part of this important effort, please contact Sharon Kimball.

Sharon sits at table ready to assist the public


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