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Member Services & Mentoring

Chair: Mary Bianchi
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The Membership/Mentoring Committee introduces new members to our local Chapter and provides new members with mentoring and information that will help them find their niche within our Chapter activities. The committee also produces the Member Directory and provides monthly updates as new members join, coordinates the collection of yearly dues, and reports our member numbers to the National League Organization. 

Voter Services

Chair: Julie Rodelwald
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The Voter Services Committee's goal is to educate the public on election-related topics and to provide training to engage our members in this critical League function. There are six subcommittees and each one provides many opportunities for member involvement.


Democracy Concierge

Contact: Deb Humphreys
democracyconcierge [at]  |  Learn More

For every City Council Meeting (held on the first and 3rd Tuesday of every month), our League provides two volunteers to greet and orient the public on the protocol of attending, observing, and speaking at these meetings. Please democracyconcierge [at] (click here to contact us) if you would like to volunteer for these monthly opportunities.


Civil Discourse

Co-Chairs: Sharon Kimball & Deb Humphreys
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Our League also monitors local government for adherence to the principles of civil discourse through the Civil Discourse Task Force. Task Force members, ambassadors and observers, ensure that local government agencies are aware of the importance of civility at public meetings and in political discussion.


The Voter, Our League Newsletter

Editor: Dave Humphreys
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Centennial Events

Co-Chairs: Janice Carr & Juliane McAdam
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In 2020, LWV celebrates the women and men who worked for over 70 years to win voting equality.  The LWV of San Luis Obispo County has created a series of major events to engage our citizens in voting and the history of the suffrage. The Centennial Committee is also making presentations on the women's suffrage movement to organizations throughout San Luis Obispo County. Presentations can be tailored to local needs, and may include local stories.


Communications & Marketing

Chair: C. Jordan Blaquera
communications [at]

The Communications Committee is responsible for promoting the activities and mission of the League to the general public. The Committee manages the League’s website, its social media presence, monthly News Briefs, and quarterly newsletter, The Voter



Cindy Marie Absey & Ann Havlik
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2019-2020 Board members

Above: Some of our Board Members

General Inquiries

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Billing Inquiries

Contact: Mary Beth Armstrong
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