Member Services & Mentoring

Member Services & Mentoring

The Membership/Mentoring Committee interacts with every member of our local League Chapter in a variety of ways. Its varied functions are:

  • Introducing new members to our local Chapter and providing new members mentoring and information that will help them find their niche within our Chapter activities.
  • Producing the Member Directory and providing monthly updates as new members join.
  • Coordinating the collection of yearly dues.
  • Reporting our member numbers to the National League Organization. 


The League is open to any person 16 years old and older who subscribes to the purpose, principles and policies of the League. Associate membership is available to those who do not wish to become voting members of the League.


There are over 90,000 members of the League of Women Voters of the United States (LWVUS). There are Leagues in every state, Puerto Rico, Washington, DC and the Virgin Islands. League structure mirrors our representative system of government. As there are local, state and national levels of government, so are there local, state and national Leagues.

What can I do as a League member?

Because League is a grassroots organization, every member is encouraged to be actively involved by attending general meetings, by volunteering to serve on a study or action committee, and by helping the League to make its voice heard. Member participation is the key to League success. Whatever your interests or expertise, we have a place for you to contribute your time and talents. As a member you can:

Attend all general meetings and special events

    • The Opening Meeting in September
    • The Holiday Party in December
    • The Program Planning Meeting in January
    • The Annual Meeting in June
    • Attend smaller group meetings and member orientation events

Join a committee, attend its meetings, and participate fully in the committee’s work

Our League has the following committees:

    • Civil Discourse
    • Voter Service
    • Membership
    • Studies 
    • Communications/Public Relations
    • Development/Fundraising
    • Government Policy
    • Natural Resources
    • Social Policy
    • Audit/Financial Review
    • Budget
    • Nominating
    • Program
    • Rules
    • Observer Corp

Serve on the Board of Directors

  • The Board is elected by the membership to manage the activities of the League. Board members are elected to two-year terms.

Learn More About Member Services

Learn more about our LWVSLO Member Services and how you can get involved by viewing the short video below (7'18") and hearing directly from our Member Services Chair: Mary Bianchi.

For more information, please membership [at] (click here to contact the Member Services Committee).


Now that you know what we do,
membership [at] (click here to get involved in any of the above areas.)