April Discussion Groups

Discussion Groups


Our topic of discussion in April will be "How do YOU lower your carbon footprint?" We will
exchange ideas and information on what we personally do, or can do, to reduce our carbon
footprint. Vijaya (vjinsb [at] gmail.com) can provide links to a LWVC video and other resources
by email upon request. RSVP and attend any of the three discussion groups.
1) First Tuesday, April 2 at Madam Lu's at 5:30 pm RSVP to Jane Honikman
(jane [at] janehonikman.com) by the 5 pm the day before.
2) Second Wed. April 10 at Carpinteria Women's Club at 10 am. RSVP to Jane Benefield
(janebenefield [at] cox.net) by 5 pm the day before.
3) Fourth Friday April 26 at Le Cafe Stella at 11:30 am RSVP to Vijaya
(vjinsb [at] gmail.com) by 5 pm the day before.