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How to Contact Us

Telephone 805-965-2422
League of Women Voters of Santa Barbara
328 E Carrillo Street, Suite A
Santa Barbara CA, 93101
Email league [at]
Title Name Email
Co-President, Action Lindsey Baker CoPresAction [at]
Co-President, Community Education Joanie Jones CoPresCommEd [at]
Vice President, Local Action and Program Vijaya Jammalamadaka VPProgram [at]
Secretary Elaine Rudin Secretary [at]
Treasurer David Landecker Treasurer [at]
Membership Bev King Membership [at]
Channel Voter Barbara Kuhn ChannelVoter [at]
Office Manager Joanie Jones OffMgr [at]
Education Fund Shane Stark EdFund [at]
Voter Service Susan Horne VoterServ [at]
Social Policy Pam Flynt Tambo SocialPolicy [at]
Health Care Reform Carole Marks HealthCare [at]
Education Committee OPEN Edu [at]
State and National Action Linda Phillips Action [at]
Local Action Lindsey Baker LocalAction [at]
Hospitality Bonnie Jensen, Suzanne Brothen Hospitality [at]
Community (Homeowners Assns) Elections Irene Stone HOElections [at]
Web Manager An Pham Wm [at]
Vice President, Adminstration, Membership Bev King VP [at]
Data Administration Denise Frey, Joanie Jones DataAdmin [at]
Sustainable Communities Vijaya Jammalamadaka SusComm [at]
Units Facilitator Vijaya Jammalamadaka Units [at]
Government Marty Blum Govt [at]
Online payments Bev King, David Landecker, Bonnie Lassen Op [at]
Publicity Jane Benefield Publicity [at]
Water Open

VPProgram [at]

Voter's Edge Bonnie Lassen VotersEdge [at]
Energy Jean Holmes Energy [at]
Obervers Corps Lindsey Baker ObserverCorps [at]
Nominating Connie Hannah Nominating [at]
Communication Committee Barbara Kuhn ComCom [at]
Admin Website Bonnie Lassen Admin [at]
Social Media Vicki Allen SocialMedia [at]
Communication Coordinator Barbara Kuhn ComCoordinator [at]
Hazardous Materials Linda Phillips Action [at]
Pro-Choice Coalition Pam Flynt Tambo ProChoice [at]
Gun Violence Beverly Herbert GunViolence [at]
International Relations Jane Benefield International [at]
Earth Day Lindsey Baker EarthDay [at]
Community Outreach Vicki Allen Community [at]

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