Resources Management

The League of Women Voters of Santa Barbara supports efforts to preserve and make prudent use of our natural resources.
Position History: 

Established 1980; Updated 1991; Reworded 2008.


  • A strong program for reduction of all forms of pollution, including noise, air, and visual pollution; control through adoption and enforcement of strong performance standards.
  • Opposition to oil projects in the Santa Barbara Channel off the South Coast that would be harmful to the environment. 
  • Support of Santa Barbara city charter ban on oil drilling in the city. 
  • Consideration of environmental impacts in making decisions on oil and gas development, with air quality as a top priority, a strong emphasis on adequacy of water supply and protection of agricultural and fishing industries and tourism.
  • Programs to achieve maximum recycling of resources and goods used in the community.
  • Use of the following criteria in decision-making for development of water resources:
  • environmental impacts
  • economic impacts
  • energy consumption
  • enhancement of the quality of life
  • Conservation, conjunctive use, reclamation, and desalination are the preferred supplemental sources based on the above criteria. 
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