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Tell Gov Brown to sign ab 249 the disclose act

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The swift action of League supporters like you helped put the California Disclose Act on the governor’s desk. Now we need your help one more time to expose the big money funding campaign ads. Tell Governor Brown to sign AB 249 today, because transparency matters:

Stand with California's community college students! Tell your Senator YES on AB 705

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Community colleges are a crucial gateway to higher paying jobs, but too many California students face an unnecessary roadblock to academic and career success. Currently, standardized tests assess 75 percent of community college students as “unprepared”—making them less likely to finish their education. But new research shows that these students are more prepared than the tests indicate. By being forced to take unnecessary remedial non-credit courses, community college students waste time and money.

"While homelessness is not just a housing problem, it is always a housing problem."

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The housing crisis is crushing California communities, driving families into homelessness and forcing them to choose between housing, food, and medical care. Today over 1.7 million families are paying over half of their incomes for housing. Nobody should go broke or hungry just to keep a roof over their head. Your Assembly Member is preparing to vote on an important housing package that will begin tackling this crisis. Please take a minute to urge your lawmakers to support affordable housing and vote YES on SB 2 and SB 3.

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Over 10 million immigrants live, work, and pay taxes in California. They are our family, our friends, and our coworkers. Recently federal agents have taken actions to detain and deport our law-abiding neighbors, tearing families apart. Undocumented residents are afraid to use community resources or cooperate with law enforcement efforts in their neighborhoods for fear of deportation. Take action to protect our immigrant families and values!

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$9 billion dollars in corporate tax giveaways that could instead be used to build a better California! Corporations take advantage of loopholes in Prop 13 to offset costs onto homeowners!

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Are you disgusted by the influence of big money in politics? Did you know that in most California local elections, there are no limits on the size of campaign contributions to candidates?Tell your Assembly Member to support AB 1089 to end unlimited money in our local elections!

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VICTORY! The California Values Act, was approved by the Senate on a party-line vote! It now heads to the Assembly! Thank you to our many supporters for standing with the League in support of landmark protections for immigrant families in California.

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Help protect fair elections! Tell your member of Congress to OPPOSE HR 634 and SAVE the Election Assistance Commission!
The Election Assistance Commission is an independent bipartisan agency charged with ensuring the integrity of our elections. They provide guidance to states on federal election law, maintain the national voter registration form, and certify new voting machines.

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