Vote Center Community Meeting, Hosted by the LA County Registrar-Recorder and the LWVTA


On Thursday evening, May 16th, the L.A. County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk's Office, partnering with the LWVTA, hosted a public community meeting, where they outlined the changes coming to voting in Los Angeles County by 2020. Moderated by Sue Herbers, LWVTA Laiison, the meeting was designed to educate the public on the ways LA County is modernizing and making the voting experience easier, a campaign called "Voting Solutions for All People" (VSAP). 

VSAP Meeting

Volunteers from Torrance High School were on hand to help at the meeting, held at theToyota Meeting Hall. Sue Herbers made sure that the students were all pre-registered to vote! 

Vote Center Check-In

LWVTA members greeted attendees at the sign-in desk.

VSAP Meeting

At the desk, voter registration materials were available in multiple languages. A Japanese interpreter was also on hand to help.

VSAP Meeting

The attendees were friendly as they signed in. Many knew each other.

VSAP MeetingAfter they were treated to cookies and beverages, the audience listened attentively as Sue Herbers explained the new Voting Solutions for All People (VSAP) experience. She listed the changes voters can expect to see by the 2020 election. According to the Registrar’s Office:

  • Voters will be able to cast their ballot at any vote center throughout the County and will no longer be limited to voting at an assigned polling place.
  • Voting will be available for an extended election period of 11 days. Voters will no longer be limited to voting on one particular day.
  • E-Pollbooks verify the registration eligibility of any County voter and allow for same day registration, giving voters the ability to vote at any vote center.
  • The Ballot Marking Device (BMD)provides voters the benefits of technology for an easy and accessible voting experience, along with a paper ballot for the security and integrity of the election.
  • The Interactive Sample Ballot (ISB) is a convenient way to speed up the voting experience by allowing voters to pre-mark their selections on a computer or mobile device. Voters can view their sample ballot and pre-mark their choices on their personal device and using preferred accessibility tools to generate a Poll Pass. Voters can scan their Poll Pass to transfer their selections on to the BMD
  • The new Vote by Mail (VBM) experience has been redesigned to make voting more user friendly. The new VBM ballot and envelope design is clear and easy to understand. Voters can mail these ballots or drop them off at any drop-off location throughout the County.
  • The new tally system introduces the use of image processing technology for a more open and transparent counting process. The improved system will capture and store ballot images, tally both BMD and VBM ballots and ensure accurate reporting of results.

VSAP Meeting

After the presentation, the audience asked many questions to clarify the changes. They were particularly concerned with security measures. Most questions were easily answered. A few needed to be researched. This website will update information on VSAP as it is made available.

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