Voter Center Placement Project

Voter Center Placement Project

Unleash your Voting Superpowers! (child wearing red cape)

Exiting news!  LWVTA has been chosen as an outreach partner for the Voter Center Placement Project (VCPP) by the LA County Recorder/Registrar’s office. Thanks to the efforts of Sue Herber, our application was accepted. We are in!  According to Sue Herbers, LWV Liaison and former Torrance City Clerk:

The City of Torrance is the largest city in the South Bay.  The city will hold its first district elections on the March 2020 Presidential Primary.  The City is brand new to district elections and as the new voting experience coincides with this election the electorate will have more to learn than most.   The stakes in this election are high; it is critical that the entire community be made aware of the changes.  

 In completing this application, the League outreach has already reached out using personal contacts to the City of Torrance, the City Clerk of the City of Torrance, the Torrance Unified School District, the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce, other organizations including homeowner’s associations, PTAs, private schools, with more to come as we move forward.  There are also plans to reach out to students to assist at all secured meetings locations to obtain volunteer hours before the end of the school year. 

 While the LWVTA itself is not a large group in numbers, the organization does have status in the community and the area.  

As a retired city clerk with 20 years of clerking and election experience I have volunteered to enlist people from this community and the city clerks and organizations in any other cities to actively participate as citizens. 

 The League of Women Voter Torrance Area will not be Torrance -centric; we will plan to reach out to the neighboring areas (Gardena, Lomita, Harbor Gateway North, Carson and others as necessary to encourage the recruitment of sufficient facilitators to handle the number of meetings required in their areas.  We are all LA County voters together and will focus on RR/CC needs for all communities.


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